We’re always open to applications by potential self-funded1 PhD and MSc(Research) students  – email Sean if you are interested, have an idea about what you’d like to do2, and would like to discuss an application. Similarly, if you are considering applying for an independent research fellowship and wish to talk about collaborative opportunities, we’re very happy to discuss possible links.



1 In addition to covering your living expenses, you will need to pay both the postgraduate student fee and a bench fee, as decribed on the page about postgraduate degrees in the School of Biological Sciences. Scholarships are not automatic here, so you’ll need to have an idea where your funding is going to come from. As a useful starting point, have a look at the University of Bristol’s pages on funding opportunities for postgraduate students.

2 please don’t just email your CV on its own, as we receive too many spam applications that do this, and you are unlikely to get a response

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