the interaction group


Dr Sean Rands

currently studying for PhD

co-supervised: Michael Harrap (University of Bristol, principally supervised by Dr Heather Whitney)

co-supervised: Jeremy Smith (Cardiff University, principally supervised by Dr Rob Thomas, with Prof Hefin Jones and Dr Ian Vaughan)

co-supervised: Kiah Tasman (University of Bristol, principally supervised by Dr James Hodge)

co-supervised: Feargus Cooney (University of Exeter, principally supervised by Prof Mike Cant)

co-supervised: Zoe Deakin (Cardiff University, principally supervised by Dr Renata Medeiros and Dr Rob Thomas)

co-supervised: Hannah Hereward (Cardiff University, principally supervised by Dr Rob Thomas)

currently studying for MSc

Lucy Ormsby (co-supervised by Dr Grainne McCabe, Bristol Zoological Society)

Ed Drewitt (University of Bristol, co-supervised by Prof Innes Cuthill and Dr Rob Thomas, Cardiff University)

Courtney Pullen (University of Bristol, co-supervised by Dr David Lawson)

interaction alumni

PhD, 2017: Dr David Lawson (co-supervised by Dr Heather Whitney, University of Bristol)

PhD, 2017: Dr Richard Pearce (jointly supervised with Dr Luca Giuggioli, University of Bristol)

PhD, 2015: Dr Sarah Giles (co-supervised by Professors Christine Nicol (Bristol Vet School) and Pat Harris (WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition), now working as a policy adviser for the Royal Society)

MSc, 2015: Isabel Prodger (jointly supervised by Dr Christoph Schwitzer, Bristol Zoological Society)

fourth year MSci project students

2017-18: Ed Straw

2016-17: Rachel McJarrow

2015-16: Lottie Sutton

2014-15: Pip Laker