Sean’s teaching

I am a Senior Lecturer (UK equivalent to an Associate Professor) in the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences, teaching on the BSc programmes in Biology and Zoology. This academic year, I will be on leave from teaching, but I normally teach a second year unit in Ecology. I am also the fourth year co-ordinator of the new MSci programmes in Biology and Zoology.

Over previous years, I have taught on the first year undergraduate courses on the Diversity of Life, the second year undergraduate course in Behavioural Ecology, and the third year undergraduate course in Optimisation, Behaviour and Life Histories, as well as running third year projects and literature reviews, and co-running a fieldcourse on Behaviour and Ecology on Guernsey. I also gave a lecture on the Certificate in Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural Rehabilitation.

I have a PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the University of Bristol, and am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). As part of the career development towards this goal, I published a few papers with an educational slant:

  • Rands SA (2012). Using physical and computer simulations of collective behaviour as an introduction to modelling concepts for applied biologists. Bioscience Education 19: article 4 | abstract | article | pdf | zipped netlogo files | supplementary material
  • Rands SA (2011). Using an animal group vigilance practical session to give learners a ‘heads-up’ to problems in experimental design. Bioscience Education 17: c1 | abstract | full text | pdf
  • Rands SA (2010). Considering adaptation and the ‘function’ of traits in the classroom, using wiki tools. Evolution: Education and Outreach 3: 633-640 | abstract | full text | pdf